Hotel Casa Robinson

Documents: Valid passport and driver's license.

Vaccinations: At the moment no vaccinations are necessary. It is advisable to take intestinal disinfectant medicines.

Time zone: 6 hours less compared to Spanish solar time.

Climate: the subtropical climate is warm and humid, with concentrated rains between May and November and minimum temperature variations during the year.

Baggage and clothing: The recommended clothing is light, informal: remember a waterproof jacket for unpredictable downpours and comfortable footwear for excursions. Indispensable the repellent against mosquitos and antihistaminic ointments ..

Currency: The currency of the Dominican Republic is the Peso, corresponding to 5 eurocent. Banks are open Monday through Friday from 8-16.

Language: Spanish, naturally, French, English and Italian are also spread.

Electric current: 110 volts: procure current adapters for American type plugs.